Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday 30 June - Fort George

We started the day at Fort George near the village of Ardesier, a village of little significance other than for a rather bizarre but well-tended memorial to Queen Victoria (see it in the album). Fort George's construction commenced in 1748 as part of the process to maintain order in the Highlands following the ill-fated Jacobite uprising of 1746. The fort is of massive construction with substantial fortification and protection from bombardment and attack. Because of these factors, I need to rely on the photographs of others so please go to this website. The museum inside the fort features various memorabilia, weapons, uniforms, medals and captured items of the previous units having the fort as a home base. It is a great museum with lots of history. The big disappointent was that photography is not allowed. We then ventured on to Perth seeing some great highland scenery.

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