Friday, June 19, 2009

London Day 2 Tower of London

Then it was on to the Tower of London. By then it was raining lightly but steadily and we got there just after three gun crews had set up to fire a 62 gun salute for the Duke of Edinborough's 88th birthday. They stood in the rain for about half an hour beforehand. There was lots of noise and smoke and after a few shells with no casualities we went on with the tour. Even though it is far larger than we previously thought, it was packed with us tourists. The royal gold and jewellery was truly impressive. We never realised that they held so many different crowns. There were also a lot of old cannons in the tower grounds - the best collection I have ever seen. The poor ravens in he grounds were somewhat wet, sad and bedraggled because of the rain. Two of them were in a cage obviously to ensure that there is never a time when there are no ravens in the tower.


  1. Gee, you had a very big day and did well considering the strike.

  2. Strike!! Takes more than a mere London tube strike to deter a determined Ozzie eh Paul?
    You two are doing well, I think that after just one day, I'd be nodding off. The walking stick ruse is a good one, must try that sometime, ideal to threaten those queue jumping youngsters...
    Enjoy your travels, hope to bump into you soon.

  3. Hmmm, wouldn't mind a crown or a cannon as a souveneir!