Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday 27 June Carlisle Castle

We set off from Coniston early for Carlisle Castle. Even with GPS we went round in circles trying to find where we should park - not one sign but we took a lucky guess in the end. Carlisle Castle is really large and very solid and is still used, in part, by the army. It's a fairly boring building in terms of tourism but this is offset by a couple of small museums - one for Roman relics (there was a large Roman fort nearby) and the other for military units connected with Lancashire. We really had to buy a guidebook to make much sense of some items which, on top of the entry costs, makes it an expensive outing for families. Fortunately, we have the Heritage monthly passes which has certainly been a big saving. My favourite was this coat of arms of Queen Elizabeth of 1577 on the keep wall.

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