Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunday 12 June

Along with half of England, we set out for a quiet Sunday drive to catch some of the sights of Somerset. What some motor bike riders do on some of these narrow English roads is mind-bending. They reach astonishing speeds and take massive risks for which many pay the price. We did get held up for some time this day by one who managed to get himself andhis bike underneat a small car.
Our first significant stop was Cleve Abbey which apparently has one of the most complete cloisters in England. (Photograph is of the Abbey's original gateway). There is an original medieval timber ceiling with figurines in the refectory and many of the original baked floor tiles showing symbols of the abbey's benefactors have been recovered. The attendant was very surprised to find a foreign tourist at the site - "not many make it out to here".


  1. The attendant clearly didn't realise that he was dealing with Paul the Great - he aint no ordinary foreign tourist!

    Any photos of medieval timber ceiling?