Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday 18 June - Burnham-on-Sea

on Wednesday we went to Weston-super-Mare which is a nearby coastal city which was mainly built in the 1800s to service holiday makers. The mud of its beaches was supposed to be beneficial as a cure for various illnesses. We did not bother with any photographs. This day, we went to the nearby modern beach resort of Burnham-on-Sea and it is one of the saddest places you could ever envisage. There is holday accommodation everywhere - flats, caravans, campervans, camping sites, and metal cottages on wheels. There are very few parking spots and those charge like wounded bulls. Meanwhile, the streets are filled with aged and disabled people trying unsuccessfully to make like happy holiday makers. It was a cold dismal day and people were either rugged up in warm clothing or sadly wandering about in shorts and t-shirts. There is a very high sea wall at the base of which are tiers of stairs for the public. Even on a good day this must be a dismal place - an official sign warns "Dangerous sinking sand and mud exposed at low tide", "beware of fast moving tides", - "strong winds", - "tidal estuary".
PS - two locals went out in the water two days ago at Weston - bodies not found yet.