Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Arrived safely in UK

Hi all - currently in London but am rushed for internet time. A two-day Tube strike has made things a little inconvenient. more news and photos soon.


  1. Damned inconsiderate of the tube workers, don't they know they have two honoured guests from the antipodes... What? Oh perhaps they did and its a swift (and awkward) retoure for all the cricket successes you seem to have?
    Never mind, you have worse to come.. Virgin trains (we have them too you know!!) can be guaranteed to NOT get you there (they say)
    Oh and finally, when you get your hire car, steel yourself for our petrol prices £1.00 +
    none of your A$1.30 cheap stuff. One thing we DO drive on the same side of the road, so you won't be like the errant French etc that cause total havoc in Dover when they arrive and try to go anti-clockwise round the do-nuts!!

  2. Try the hop-on, hop off bus - just stay on it. There are a least 4 routes.