Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wednesday 24 June Castles at Penrith

Near to Penrith is Brougham Castle originally started in the 12th Century as a bastion against the Scots. Edward I visited here on his expedition to conquer the Scots. Later the Scots beseiged and sacked the castle. It continued in use until the 17th Century but now only the basic stonework remains of this once formidable castle. It sits next to the junction of two rivers (Lother into Eamont) in a very scenic setting. Highly impressive.
The Castle at Hutton-on-Forest is mostly of far more modern construction although its origin was also as a pele to protect against Scottish incursions. Those origins are mostly lost through newer additions and substantial Victorian era modifications. Not really a castle - more a manor. It has substantial gardens mostly commenced since the 1700s and some of the trees are massive.

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