Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 1 Singapore

We arrived at Singapore Terminal 3 in the mid-afternoon and were picked up as expected and taken to the Excelsior Hotel. The heat and humidity were very opressive considering that we had been having cold winter weather in Canberra. Once we got over that we went for a bit of a stroll making sure that we eventually arrived at Raffles Hotel and found our way to the Long Bar where the Singapore Gin Sling was invented. The Sling cost about $25AUD and my beer was about $15AUD. All customers are given boxes of broiled unshelled peanuts and the fllor eventually gets littered with the shells. Even if customers try to be tidy, the moment they leave, the staff send all the shells to the floor. It is the only public place in singapore where littering is allowed. Frankly, it was just messy. We also did a bit of window shopping.

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