Thursday, June 25, 2009

London Day 2 - Days End

After Buckingham Palace, we continued on the bus but, with the strike, traffic in the city was virtually at a standstill other than for lots of reckless bicycle riders and pedestrians. We thus abandoned the bus at the start of Regent Street and ambled across to Piccadilly Circus which seems to be permanently filled with tourists. With Nelson's Column and the statues and fountains, it is very impressive.
We then went into the nearby restaurant area in Soho for a meal. Lots of choices there. We then had to catch the local no. 94 double decker bus back to our hotel but someone had stuffed up and we waited 40 minutes for one to come and it was obvious others had been waiting far longer than that. Meanwhile, buses for all the other routes were going by about every 5 to 10 minutes. We were very lucky that we were at the first pick-up point because the passengers there completely filled the double decker bus. We then passed several stops where the poor passengers who had been waiting for so long could not board. Some very unhappy people. It was a great adventure.

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