Thursday, July 2, 2009

Travelling to Edinburgh - Wed 2 July

Bit of a slow drive because I was a bit ill with a cold. We stopped at a couple of places including the town of Aberdour and visited the Aberdour Castle. Vija loved the gardens there whilst I was taken with the massive 600 nest dovecot used to provide pigeons for the dining table in winter so I climbed inside for a bird's-eye (pitiful, isn't it?). We then set off to Edinburgh first crossing the massive Forth Bridge to get to our inner area hotel just south of the old town in Edinburgh. What a nightmare! Intersection after intersection was blocked for what seems to be some major project. We were diverted several times with no idea where we should be because of no useful signs for a stranger to the town. Our GPS was, of course useless. It updates regularly for traffic conditions but apparently not for long term blockages! I had to do some dicey manouvres a few times just to keep going in roughly the desired directed. This strategy actually worked and we ended up at our hotel. We were not the only visitors caught - we saw others pulling over, gather their breaths and trying to make sense of how to get to their destinations. We went out later after some rain and walked the streets of the old own and also got this photo looking up to Edinburgh Castle

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  1. Hi Vija & Paul, gee you two have been busy. At any stage have you burst into song 'I've been everywhere man......'. Hope you are both well and having a great time. take care

    Wendy w