Friday, July 10, 2009

Touring to Kingston on Hull (Hull) - Wed 8 July

We headed south-east today to Hull where we had a good look around in the old town area especially the maritime museum (no photos allowed though) and had a very nice meal and a pint of the amber. One of these photos is of Vija standing outside a Hull white telephone box. Apparently the local municipality put in its own phone system in 1902 and used white phone boxes and now the tradition continues.
We noticed that the village of Walkington was just off the road so we dropped in for a look at the church where one of my GG Grandmothers was baptised in 1824. Wde ran into a very informative gentleman there. The main stained glass behind the altar is very new as the old was beyond restoration (photo here).
We dropped off at the BeverleyMinster on the way back. It is nowhere as large and magnificant as Yorkminster but is still very impressive. Again we found a verger who was very informative. St John of Yorkshire is buried in the minster. We are showing a photograph of the very elaborate and huge font cap in the minister.
As we were leaving the minister, I changed the batteries in my Canon camera and when I went to restart it, it developed a lens error. Looks fairly fatal to me but luckily it is only 6 weeks old so I will be promptly seeking a replacement on my return.

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  1. So, good-bye to Yorkshire and hello Warwickshire tomorrow?