Monday, July 13, 2009

Warwick Castle and Stratford - Sun 12 July

Our British Heritage passes were about to run out so we decided that w'd better do Warwick Castle today situated in Warwick, Warwickshire. It's advertised as a working castle but in reality it is a walled hall (or mansion). Mind you, the walls are massively impressive featuring gigantic turrets. The Hall is very impressive and features lots of armour and weaponry. It is very touristy with lots of demonstrations, e.g. falconry and archery, and lots of exhibits and models. It's great fun and we enjoyed the visit but it really is more of a tourist treat than historically educational. Do have a look at the photos in album. Here we have a damsel, not in any distress, trying to entice a knight in shining armour.
Then it was back to Stratford upon Avon to catch the last three of the Shakespeare related buidings including his birthplace (another of those places that do not allow photographs). We also went for a walk along the Avon just to obtain this photo especially for our readers.

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