Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Canberra meets in Warwick - Tuesday 14 Jul

We met up with the Greens today in the Warwick area and wandered around Warwick, Leamington Spa and the village of Berkswill. Peter and Lyndall know the area well and took us to some marvelous places that we would have missed otherwise. The highlight of the day was the Mill Pond Garden adjacent to the Warwick Castle. Here are two photos of the mill pond on the River Avon. The first is of a now disused bridge that was once the main river crossing for Warwick. The second is a view from the garden to where the pond and the river passes Warwick Castle. The third is of Lyndall, Peter and Vija at our table at The Bear Inn at Berkswell. This is a 14th century building and I was taller than the ceiling and some of the major beam were at about my mouth level. Good food and ales though.
There are many more photos in the albums.

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