Monday, July 6, 2009

Wandering the western part of the Wolds - Sun 5 Jul

We went for the traditional Sunday roast at the Three Cups Inn at Stamford Bridge (place of the other 1066 battle) having to brave a downpour. We then travelled through a number of nearby villages and hamlets mostly associated with he Kirby Ancestors. They included Skirpenbeck, Scrayingham, Leppington, Thixendale, Acklam, Leavening, Uncleby, Kirby Underdale, and Painsthorp. We took masses of photos but here are three.
Vija took the one of the steep slope where the two cows are backed by an unusual cloud formation (near Thixendale).
The photo of the road with the canopy of trees was also taken near Thixendale. We have been running into portions of road like this all over the UK but this time it was a nice road with very little traffic so we were able to stop. This one is fairly thinly wooded and some have such a thick canopy that they are like darkened narrow tunnels - love them!
The other photo is of the Hanging Grimston Road looking towards Kirby Underdale. My ancestors farmed this spot.

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