Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Wolds Day - Mon 6 July

Once again spent the day wandering in the Yorkshire Wolds visiting Huggate, Wharram le Street, North Grimston, Wetwang, Driffield, Pocklington, Yapham and other localities. The first photo is a long distance view towards the village of Huggate. Our major activity of the day was a long walk up and down hill to the 'deserted' village of Wharram Percy (not that far from Kirby Underdale). The last occupants in the village were evicted in the early 1500s and a lot of research has been conducted in respect of this village including the recovery of about 700 burials.
The poppies are growing in a crop of Canola near the deserted village. They look very pretty when they grow thickly but must be a menace for the farmers.
The damaged church is that of Wharram Percy as it continued to be used by nearby localities up until the late 1800s.
The final photo is from our accommodation outside of Bishop Wilton. It was taken about 7:30pm (the sun is still relatively high in the sky then) and the sky was fairly cloudy then allowing a direct photograph of the sun.

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  1. You really covered some ground today! It's an old stamping ground of mine. My former husband's family owns "Carr House" - a potato farm at Foston-on-the-Wolds near Driffield.