Thursday, July 2, 2009

Edinburgh Thursday 3 Jul

Our main activity today was visiting Edinburgh Castle. It is astonishing just how much they have managed to fit on top of the rock. In addition to all the battlements there are also lots of buildings. We enjoyed the regimental museums and, Vija tried her luck with a piper. Lots of cannons on the walls but pride of place goes to the pictured Big Mons built in the 1450s and presented as a gift to King James II. It fired the rock cannonballs pictured with the cannon. It weighed over 6 tons and needed a crew of 100 men. Most of its life was spent firing the occasional salute but eventually the barrel blew.
We also captured the image of the Scottish Unicorn atop a memorial in High Street. We did the long walk down to Holyrood Palace but the Queen was there this week so no entry. One look at the exterior of the very recent (in Edinburgh terms) Scottish House of Parliament and we did not bother to seek entry. It looks awful but I suppose someone must love the design.


  1. Great to see you're covering so much ground. Keep up with the medication Paul!

  2. Hi you two, you certainly are getting about. I spoke with the "Ferrett" (well his better half)
    he is likely to be at home probably mid week, say 7&8 July, not sure of your final departure dates or where you go next, you look like coming this way soon at the current rate of travel. Don't get caught on Carter Bar now...