Friday, July 10, 2009

North Riding Buildings - Fri 10 July

Today being our last day in the Yorkshire area we just had to see Castle Howard. It's not, in any way, a castle but a magnificent mansion still occupied, and being restored, by the Howard family. Many readers will know it as the setting for the two BBC Brideshead productions. Vija really enjoyed this one! The photo here is of the front of the mansion and we have several photo of the mansion and the grounds in our album postings on Picasa. (In case any of you have lost the links, the general one is and the one for today with other pictures is
We also fitted in a visit to the ruins of the Kirkham Abbey. There is not much left but the photograph here is of the hand washing station area used by the monks. There was a weir built across the Derwent at this point during WWII to raise the water level enough for secret testing of amphibious equipment for use of D-Day. Just across the river is a manned railway gatehouse - how surprising in this day and age.
We also visited Nunnington Hall nearby but it was a big disappointment after the grandness of Howard Castle but we took a lovely photo (shown here) of a nearby bridge over the River Rye.


  1. I can't tell the difference between your old camera and the new.

  2. That's because you did not see the number of duds I never let get near the albums