Monday, July 27, 2009

Ireland - Wednesday 22 July

The major activity this day was a trip around the "Ring of Kerry" (previously the Great Atlantic Road) which begins and ends in Killarney. The road mainly travels around a mountain range known as the MacGillicuddy Reeks. Most of the countryside is very rugged but the population has been increasing because of weekenders cottages and those with a lust for a rugged rural home. Sheep farming and fishing from some of the small villages constitutes most of the miniscule economic activity. It was wonderful scenary somewhat spoilt by continuing rain but there were some successful photographs so please check the albums.
The roads is fairly narrow so tourist buses have an unwritten rule that the ring is always driven counter-clockwise but really, the roads are wider than many we drove on in England. These two photos were taken towards the end of the range of mountains as we were nearing Killarney again.
On return to Killarney, we went with the Jarvies and their 'jaunting cars' and you can meet Charlie, the Irish draught horse, who took us on a great tour of the large local park.

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